Lieutenancy area

This map shows the lieutenancy county boundaries of Aberdeenshire, Banffshire and Kincardineshire. Each county has its own Lord-Lieutenant. Aberdeenshire is represented by Alexander Philip Manson, Banffshire by Mr Andrew Simpson and Kincardineshire by Mr Alastair Macphie. Aberdeen City is represented by The Lord Provost Mr Barney Crockett.

Vice Lord-Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenants

The Lord-Lieutenant of Aberdeenshire has 1 Vice Lord-Lieutenant and 15 Deputy Lieutenants who assist in the performance of public duties in Aberdeenshire. They also provide local knowledge in a part of the community they know well. When Deputy Lieutenants are asked to deputise for the Lord-Lieutenant, they are representing Her Majesty The Queen.

To contact your local Deputy Lieutenant click on the nearest red dot to your location.

Deputy Lieutenants - location map


1 Mr Alexander Philip Manson, Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant of Aberdeenshire

Vice Lord-Lieutenant

2 Joanna, Marchioness of Aberdeen DL

Chaplain to the Lieutenancy

3 The Rev Kenneth MacKenzie DL

Deputy Lieutenants

4 Mrs Nicola B Bradford DL

5 The Right Hon the Lord Forbes DL

6 Mr Douglas Fowlie DL

7 Mr Richard L O Fyffe DL

8 Mrs Jean Haslam DL

9 Rear Admiral Christopher Hockley CBE DL

10 Major Grenville Archer Irvine-Fortestcue DL

11 Mrs Fiona Kennedy Clark OBE DL

12 Miss Sarah Mackie DL

13 Mr Steven Mackison DL

14 Mrs Miranda McHardy DL

15 The Hon Mrs Katharine Nicolson DL

16 Mr Andrew Salvesen OBE DL

17 Mrs Clare Thorogood DL

Clerk to the Lieutenancy

18 Mr Jim Savege, Woodhill House, Westburn Road, Aberdeen AB16 5GB